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Membership fee for the club is $50 per year, January 1 to December 31. This fee includes the member, spouse, and minor children. No guests allowed on this membership. Persons 18 or older must have a membership. Membership tickets are available from any club officer or at Livingston Ace Hardware, Yellowstone Gifts & Sports, and Murdochs in Livingston.



The only authorized guests are those attending or participating in a club-sponsored event such as trap shoots, black powder shoots, public sight-in day, all fun shoots, hunter safety training, etc. All other activities such as sighting-in, target shooting, general use of the range, are for the convenience of the members.

Scheduled Events

The club schedules events and activities for the upcoming year at the November meeting. Any requests for special events must be presented at this meeting. The schedule may be subject to change for various reasons (weather, for example) or new events may be added if no conflict exists. We will try to keep schedule changes to an absolute minimum.


Range Closures

During scheduled events, the range will be closed to other shooting or any activities which may disrupt the event or cause a safety concern. This closure will be done under the direction of the club official in charge of the event. Signs or barriers closing off a part of the range are not to be ignored.



-No Steel Targets due to ricochets-

Safety and proper conduct with firearms is top priority at all times. Always check down range for the presence of animals or people before you shoot. Keep your firearm action open and unloaded at all times until ready to shoot. Horseplay is strictly taboo. Direct all fire into berms only. Ricochets and stray rounds are unacceptable. No glass targets allowed on range. Eye and ear protection are required on firing lines.



Occasionally there may be livestock on or around the range. You must herd any animals out of your line of fire before shooting. Do not fire until it is all clear.



Every member is responsible for the safe and proper operation of the club facilities. We must each see to the cleanup behind ourselves and others as well as seeing to the safe and responsible behavior of all range users. Remember, as a member you are paying for the privilege of having a place to shoot. Anyone damaging facilities, acting irresponsibly, or not a club member, is cheating you, the paying member. If you see something broken, not working, in need of attention, or if you just have a concern or suggestion, contact any one of the club officers. If you see something wrong or broken that you can fix, go for it. Shooting on the range is during daylight hours. Remember our neighbors who live around the range and start your morning shooting at a reasonable hour. NO HUNTING IS ALLOWED ON THE RANGE.


Children & Pets

Our club is family-oriented and youngsters are always welcome. However, a shooting facility is not a good playground, so close supervision is a must at all times. All pets must be on a leash or otherwise under control If all members will follow these rules, we will continue to have a great place to shoot and conduct our various activities. Remember: It’s Your Club.


Club Meetings

7:00pm on the fourth Monday of each month at the clubhouse (weather permitting). Everyone welcome.



  • Eye and ear protection required.

  • Absolutely no shooting when someone is down range.


  • All firearms on firing line must be pointed down range.



No alcoholic beverages before or during range use.



  • Shooters under 18 years of age must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult.

  • Children not participating must remain behind firing lines.


Pistol Range

Only pistol firearms allowed on pistol range.


Tracers and Steel Targets

No tracer rounds or incendiary weapons allowed on range.  Steel targets are prohibited.


Gate Locking

Except during sanctioned events, range gate must be closed and locked upon every entrance and exit from the range.


Questions? Contact us at

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